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When you want to do something consistently you follow a plan or direction. This logic is true in aromatherapy as well. To get the wonderful and unique blends of aromatherapy oils time and time again, you really should follow an aromatherapy recipe. If you are inventing your own aromatherapy recipes, it's a wise idea to write down what each step is as you take it. When you stumble on that incredible blend of essential oil never before thought of, and the one that makes everyone feel wonderful, you're going to want to remember how you did it and be able to reproduce it.

There are thousands of aromatherapy recipes out there and a good resource for them is the internet. A site to share and swap the information that helps the aromatherapy practioner grow their repertoire and advances the line of available aromatherapy products is a wonderful source for recipes. Consistency is the key. From person to person, while each will add their own special flair, the basic formula is passed on, often from generation to generation through the aromatherapy recipe.

Where, Exactly to Find Aromatherapy Recipes
While essential oils can be purchased in most health stores, complete recipes and conversion information can be found at www.aromaweb.com, which offers a wide variety of aromatherapy recipes. You can find recipes for mental and physical well being along with skin care, household and holiday blends.

There are also websites which offer tips on blending that introduces people to proper blending methods as well as the differences in aromatic blending and therapeutic blending along with aromatherapy recipes for all of their blends. However, essential oils should be treated as medications; they should never be used by children except under the supervision of an adult.

The use of carrier oils is also important to aromatherapy recipes as how much and what type of carrier oil is to be used is determined by the intended purpose. Unlike essential oils which evaporate quickly and have a high concentration of fragrance, carrier oils which are usually vegetable or plant oil, do not evaporate that fast and do not emit a strong odor. They are used to dilute essential oils and are an important part of aromatherapy recipes.

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