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Bath salts and essential oils, when added to your bath water, make for a relaxing, peaceful, and restful soak. Invigorating to muscles and mind as your stress washes away, depending upon the aromatherapy bath product you select, you can wake up, with peppermint for example, or settle off to sleep with chamomile and lavender. Aromatherapy bath products are wonderful for soothing fussy babies – and grownups after a grueling day at work.

Ancient Egyptians used the power of essential oils in rituals, healing, and general well being. Since that time, the art of aromatherapy has moved into private and commercial use and aromatherapy bath products have been altering the moods of millions.

Aromatherapy Bath Products Ease the Body and Mind
First there were bubble baths which allowed folks to linger in the tub at least until the bubbles dispersed. Then manufacturers began adding scents to the beads, which many found to ease their moods. Now an aromatherapy bath product is available for just about any circumstance.

Lavender has long been the scent associated with relaxation. Lounging in a tub of hot water mixed with the essential oils of lavender can do wonders to help people relax. In addition, as part of a full bath aromatherapy bath product gift sets will include a lavender-scented candle to burn and relax the senses while lounging in the bath.

Other aromatherapy bath products are meant to be used for their therapeutic values such as easing pain. Usually, lavender, eucalyptus and ginger are central to such products. There are many aromatherapy bath product combinations that offer relief of different symptoms, but there remain three basic benefits: physical, emotional and mental.

Physically, aromatherapy bath products can enhance deep relaxation and reduce stress as well as provide a better range of motion, greater joint flexibility and reduced muscle spasms. Some emotional benefits reported are better self-image, better expression of emotions and reduced levels of anxiety. The mental benefits some have realized by using an aromatherapy bath product include a state of alertness, clearer thinking, better ability to respond to stress and a calmer mind.

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