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When you distill the essential oils from plants and flowers, then take those oils and use them in bath salts, candles, massage oils and diffused through heat, you are practicing aromatherapy. There is much more to be said about aromatherapy, people spend a lifetime learning the botanical science behind aromatherapy and its healing benefits, however, the layman can become very learned in aromatherapy practice as well.

The Internet is a wonderful resource for information about aromatherapy. If you enter the term "information about aromatherapy" in the Google search engine tool bar, that simple phrase alone will net you over 1 million sites full of information and links to book written by people who have studied the subject in great detail. You may also want to consider taking an aromatherapy course and obtaining aromatherapy certification.

Aromatherapy Classes and Aromatherapy Certification
Unless you can find a free class, taking an online class will probably cost anywhere from $15 to $50. Some classes are significantly more expensive as they usually offer certification of some kind-probably not what the curious beginner looking for aromatherapy information is interested in.

If you enjoy reading, your local library is another obvious goldmine of information about aromatherapy. Just go to the search function on your library's computer and type in "aromatherapy" or you can also ask the librarian for help.

Most cities have independently owned stores that are considered New Age and that often offer classes on alternative health topics such as aromatherapy. Unfortunately, if you don't already know what these places are, they can be hard to track down. Try picking up a local newspaper or a free alternative lifestyles paper and looking at the advertisements.

Information; Debunking the Myths of Aromatherapy
Although most people would not dispute that smell is a powerful sense and that certain smells can evoke pleasant or horrible memories and feelings, there are many people who don't believe in aromatherapy as a science. It's important to have this information as well so you can make up your own mind about aromatherapy.

One excellent place to go online for the "anti" point of view is The Skeptic's Dictionary, which complains that most of the information surrounding the success of aromatherapy is anecdotal-that means made up of individual stories rather than unbiased scientific study.

Another group of nonbelievers, Quackwatch.org dryly claims that aromatherapy's true purpose is "making dollars out of scents." Ultimately, no one can decide the truth for you. You will have to get the information about aromatherapy, try it in your own life, and see how it works for you. If nothing else, you'll have fun learning about something new and a little different.

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