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Scent is the most provocative of all the stored human memories. Nothing will recall an emotion or memory faster than the scent with which one associates it. It is almost body memory, incapable of being forgotten. When the scent is received, the memory or emotion is there, clear as if you were in the actual moment. Aromatherapy is so successful because of this body memory. Associating scent with relaxation and inducing a state of peace with aromatherapy is healing and reinvigorating.

An aromatherapy guide can assist in the quest for knowledge and proper, beneficial use of aromatherapy. Such guides can tell you the best way to utilize your room fresheners, bath salts, massage oils and many more.

Combining and Blending Your Aromatherapy Essential Oils
An aromatherapy guide advises that combining two or more essential oils together will create a synergy, which will make a blend that is more potent than simply using single oils at a time. Because the majority of essential oils are too pure and concentrated to be used directly on one's skin it may be necessary to dilute them first before blending. Doing so may involve using an unscented base known as a carrier, which may be an unscented massage oil, lotion, bubble bath or shampoo that is added to a diffuser that makes use of heated water to transport the essential oils through the medium of air.

According to the aromatherapy guide, one should first decide on the blend's reason or purpose and then choose a method of applying an unscented base. This is followed by choosing three to five essential oils that would work well together and finally, choose the amount of dosage or concentration level of the oils that will be needed to add to the chosen unscented base. Once this has been achieved all that remains to be done is to add the essential oils to the unscented base, shake, use and have fun.

Some additional helpful tips that an aromatherapy guide provides is to mainly blend oils that have similar properties, not use more than three to five oils to create the blend. It also suggests blending one drop at a time because each drop can transform the blend. In addition, the aromatherapy guide advises one to make a record of all the ingredients used in the blend as this will enable one to recreate the blend later on. In the beginning, make blends in small sizes, like ten to thirty drops till such time as the right desired blend has been achieved.

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