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Essential oils are best placed in an aromatherapy diffuser. There are many different sorts of diffusers on the market today, making the use of aromatherapy available to almost everyone. Electric diffusers gently heat and fan the scent around your home, while the light bulb ring rest atop of your lamps light bulb and the lights heat gently diffuses the scent. Some create aromatherapy diffuser jewelry so that the scent is worn close to the skin providing all day relaxation and calming. Others prefer the diffusing methods of candles.

Used throughout the ages as a healing method, aromatherapy has practical application in your everyday life. As bath oil, massage oil, room scent or candle, there are as many aromatherapy diffusers and there are applications for aromatherapy. It is only limited by our imagination.

Different Diffusers Available
While many people are happy with a natural diffuser, that is one into which a drop or two of essential oils is placed and permeates the air through evaporation, others prefer aromatherapy diffusers with a heating source to speed the evaporation process and the spread of the scent through the room.

Diffusers made to hold the oil on top and a tea light candle underneath are available in many different shapes and sizes to fit into any décor. The most common materials such diffusers are made from include ceramic, metal and soapstone.

Electric aromatherapy diffusers work on the same principal of a candle diffuser, but obviously, need an electrical outlet. Most have two separate bowls; one to hold the oils, and the other the heating element. Most come with a lid, which is left off while in use to monitor the volume of the oil in the holder and to allow the scents of the oil to be dispersed throughout the room. The lid is placed back on when not in use.

Similar to the room deodorizers currently on the market, there are diffusers which rely on electricity. These essential oils are placed on a pad, which can easily be changed to fit the mood and needs of those in the room. They claim that the new scent will begin to be strongly noticeable within five minutes of plugging it in and will fill a 500 square foot room for about three hours.

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