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The 1960's saw an invigorated interest in aromatherapy herbs as a way to treat common ailments and provide symptom relief. Willow bark used to treat headaches and body aches, peppermint to invigorate, eucalyptus to decongest, chamomile to induce sleep and lavender to calm a fussy baby, to name but a few.

The essential oils extracted from plants and herbs, distilled and used as aromatherapy agents offer a side effect free alternative to over-the-counter stimulant and chemical drugs. Essential oils are placed in diffusers which are heated and evaporate the oil and scent into the air. Some diffusers have small fans to more efficiently circulate the healing scent around the room.

Delightful Alchemy - Mixing Your Aromatherapy Herbs
Centuries in the making, the essential oils of different aromatherapy herbs mixed with the essential oils of different spices, have been found to have different and profound effects on many people's physiology. For example, mixing the essential oils of lavender, eucalyptus, rosemary and marjoram can relieve the symptoms of arthritis.

On the other hand, mixing the essential oils of aromatherapy herbs lemongrass, thyme, lavender and peppermint can be used as an insect repellant and lavender, chamomile and eucalyptus can be used to ease the pain and itching of insect bites.

It's been well documented that the sense of smell can be mood altering; and that too pretty quickly. Many studies have shown that certain smells spark changes in the brain that detour negative anxieties and aromatherapy herbs have been found to relieve a variety of them.

Don't Worry, Be Happy With Your Aromatherapy Herbs
Anxiety and tensions can be relieved with an essential oil mixture of cedar wood, sandalwood and patchouli. Nervous tension can be relieved by a mixture of aromatherapy herbs cardamom, cedar wood, ylang-ylang and sweet orange. For a stress headache, try lavender and clary sage.

Other blends of aromatherapy herbs offer wellness benefits including sweet basil and marjoram to ease the affects of asthma and sweetmelissa, thyme, lemon and marjoram can be inhaled to help with a cold and fever.

Over the years and after many studies, it has been noted that aromatherapy herbs have many benefits for many people wanting a more natural way of dealing with everyday occurrences.

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