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A new trend in aromatherapy is incorporating the essential oils into jewelry. Aromatherapy has long been known for its mood altering properties and how it can lift a sad or stressed outlook into a more peaceful, calm peace of mind. Different essential oils promote different responses. An invigorating scent like peppermint can give you that much needed lift during the mid-day doldrums, while lavender can promote a restful sleep.

Creative Types of Aromatherapy Jewelry
Some people burn candles or incense, or rub the oils onto their body. Still others wear aromatherapy jewelry, like lockets, to keep their favorite scents with them all the time. Aromatherapy jewelry comes in necklaces, rings, earrings, bracelets-practically any type of jewelry you can imagine. Typically the necklaces come with a locket or other pendant which contains a small pad. Put a drop or two of your favorite scent on the pad, put the locket on a necklace, and you have the perfect piece of aromatherapy jewelry. If you're not a fan of lockets, some companies offer small vials that can be placed on a necklace or piece or cord and hung around your neck.

Aromatherapy jewelry lockets come in all different shapes and sizes. The traditional heart locket is very popular, as are engravings of the sun, the Celtic cross, the pentacle, roses, and various animals including dragons. Like lockets, vials come with many different designs and patterns too.

Costs range significantly, depending on the type of material used, the size of the locket or vial and of course the cost to the seller. Expect to pay anywhere from $20 to $75 dollars, depending on your preferences.

Finding Aromatherapy Jewelry That's Right for You
Aromatherapy jewelry hasn't quite caught on the way candles and scented body rub have. It can be tricky to find it in stores, unless you stumble upon a jewelry stores with a New Age slant, which would generally carry aromatherapy jewelry. Another good bet is any privately owned store that carries aromatherapy products or at a Renaissance festival.

If you've tried those places without luck, or if you weren't impressed with the selection, you can always go online, where several sites sell beautiful and imaginative lockets and vials. It may take a bit of digging. On eBay, for instance, typing in "aromatherapy jewelry" brought up only one entry, but typing in "aromatherapy" and looking under the category "jewelry and watches" brought up 35 items.

Wearing a locket or vial with your favorite scent can help keep you in a good mood all day. It's a fun and easy way to enjoy aromatherapy.

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