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Essential oils are concentrated plant essences which have been expressed from plants, flowers, seeds and nuts. They play a vital role in aromatherapy as it is this pure essence that makes the base of all aromatherapy essential oil. There is much research regarding the healing effects of aromatherapy and just as much controversy. Among eastern and western medical practice there is a bit if dissent regarding the use of aromatherapy essential oil in healing practices.

Pros and Cons of Aromatherapy Essential Oil
Aromatherapy essential oil comes from the burning off or distilling process that makes many aromatherapy items for use as healing or enhancement agents. There are many detractors in the health field that do not support the use of any aromatherapy essential oil. There is also not a lot of supportive research as to the overall healing effects of such an oil on the body; it does, however, contain many factors that influence parts of the brain and may make the body more susceptible for quicker healing and other physiological effects that influence the body and its wellness structure.

There is also a basic stigma in terms of using items such as aromatherapy essential oil and other methods. This stigma is wrapped up in the very nature of the oil or product as it is dismissed as being overtly "holistic" and thus somehow less reliable than conventional medicine. This notion or stigma is grossly erroneous at best, but it is still enough to keep a large amount of people from trusting the qualities of aromatherapy essential oil products and other natural medically beneficial items. It seems that more people would rather trust major drug companies and lucrative marketing schemes, instead.

Overcoming Stigma and Use of Aromatherapy
Overcoming the stigma of aromatherapy essential oil products is necessary if you want to experience the life-altering power of ingredients from the earth. It is this type of powerful notion that a societal stigma can have that prevents people from experience what the world really has to offer in the form of holistic healing and odour manipulation. It is scientifically proven that the brain replies and responds to certain stimuli. One powerful stimulant to the brain is, of course, the sense of smell. This can cause the brain to react in certain ways. A more comfortable brain, for example, can cause the brain to work more efficiently at something. An uncomfortable brain could produce the opposite effects.

Aromatherapy essential oil causes the brain to relax and rejuvenates its vital areas with the soothing power of certain smells. The complexity of these smells is unlocked with the aromatherapy essential oil and it begins to soothe and manipulate parts of the brain patterns to create an overall sensibility of healing and true power. This type of true power sends rigid signals throughout the body and maintains a level of awareness that, eventually, leads to healing and recovery.

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