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So many scents come in aerosol cans and are loaded with chemicals that are not friendly to the planet or the people breathing the aerosol fumes. While they are designed to make the air smell more pleasant and mask odor, they are often unhealthy. An aromatherapy air freshener is made using the essential oils of plants and is delivered in a non chemical base, so all you are left with is the clean, pure healing fragrance.

A Fun and Easy Way for Making your Own Air Fresheners
Making your own aromatherapy air freshener can be fun and easy, as anybody can use the specified ingredients and make their own air fresheners. However, particular care needs to be taken in choosing the right oils as they will come in contact with other things in the house. Aromatherapy dates back centuries and its key practices too have undergone some changes. One such change is in the use of aromatherapy air fresheners.

In aromatherapy, use only pure and natural essential oils or floral waters or absolutes. One should treat essential oils as carefully as medicine and not let them be misused by pets or children. While organic oils may perform better than non-organic oils, for true aromatherapy there is no need to use fragrance oils as well as synthetic compounds; one or the other could be used. Nevertheless, one should exercise care in which ingredients are being used for making aromatherapy air fresheners.

Before getting into the ingredients of aromatherapy air fresheners, you should have ready a 4 ounce spray bottle with a fine mist setting in which you can store your air freshener. You should bear in mind that one should avoid bottles that may have contained cleaning products or hair products like hair sprays.

Diffusing the Scent in Your Home
Once you have the bottle to hold the air freshener, use thirty to forty drops of a favorite essential oil or essential oil blend and add one and a half ounce of distilled water along with one and a half ounce of alcohol such as vodka and add another three ounces of distilled water. There are numerous essential oil blends available for use and which of these one uses, depends on individual tastes.

Another variation is to fill the spray bottle with one and a half ounce of distilled water plus the same amount of alcohol or three ounces of distilled water. To this add thirty to forty drops of essential oil and shake the bottle before each usage and then leave the bottle for a day and decide on whether it has the right aroma or not.

Once the aromatherapy air freshener has had time to sit, it will change its aroma. A point to note is to never allow the air freshener mist to fall upon the furniture or into any open beverages as this can be potentially harmful, if not outright dangerous.

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