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It's wonderful to walk down a garden path full of the scent of Gardenias. It is equally wonderful to have that fragrance in your home. Aromatherapy accessories provide the ability to have the healing, calming fragrances you love whenever and where ever you want them. Circulating the right combination of essential oils in just the right dose with the correct aromatherapy accessory makes your home or office a peaceful, tranquil environment.

Main Aromatherapy Accessories
The first and inseparable aromatherapy accessory is the clay pot aromatherapy diffuser that reminds us of our grandmother's era. Other important aromatherapy accessories would be storage bottles and boxes, jars, burners, oil diffusers, containers of all sizes, and essential oils dispensers.

What is the Purpose of Aromatherapy Accessories?

Storage Bottles and Boxes - These boxes are normally used for the storage of essential oils, are fashioned out of alder wood. It is very common to have these boxes exquisitely carved and polished in natural colors. Before you decide what type of box you want, check out how many compartments you need so you can store the maximum number of oils in it.

Bottles and Jars -These types of aromatherapy accessories are also used for storage of oils and hence they need special attention. The oils should be kept in the right type of jars to prevent contamination form air, sun, and/or light. It is always advisable to choose glass bottles as compared to plastic, since the essential oils may erode the plastic and mix with it, thereby corrupting it.

Electric Diffusers - This is one of the most important aromatherapy accessories since it helps in diffusing the smell for the respective person to be able to inhale it. These are available in a great variety, each having its own advantages and disadvantages. Experts suggest that you should never buy something just because it is beautiful - check out how practical it is and then focus on the aesthetics. This is highly applicable for this aromatherapy accessory, as you wouldn't want to get swayed away by the beauty of the electric diffuser; you would rather check its utility before deciding which one to buy.

Dispensers - These are critical aromatherapy accessories because without proper oil dispensers, you will risk to have the whole bottle of oil contaminated. The pipette should be such that it can be removed for washing and then used with extreme care so as not to allow oxygen to get to the oils and spoil them.

A good set of accessories will actually keep your essential oils good for a long time, and thus save you the trouble of changing the contents every so often.

Aromatherapy Accessories
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