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An aromatherapy oil burner is one of the most soothing ways to disperse the healing aromatherapy essential oils into a room. There are a few different sorts of aromatherapy oil burners. Electric aromatherapy oil burners are burners which heat a ceramic, metal or soapstone surface which quickly disperses the scent when oil is placed on the warm surface. Aromatherapy oil burners which use a tea light rather than an electrically heated surface are quite effective and provide that lovely candlelight that we find so comforting. A third type of aromatherapy oil burner is less known, but nonetheless effective. An essential oil infused small cardboard ring that you perch atop a light bulb. The heat from the bulb warms the ring and disperses the soothing scent around the room.

No matter what method you decide upon, aromatherapy oil burners are a wonderful way to enjoy the relaxing effects of essential aromatherapy oil.

Heat it up to Feel Better Faster
Ceramic, metal and soapstone oil burners come in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors and styles and undoubtedly one will fit into your décor. By placing a drop or two of essential oils into the top bowl of your aromatherapy oil burner, and lighting a tea light candle underneath, the oils will be heated and aid in room-wide dispersion.

Electrically heated oil burners also come in a variety of sizes and designs and function much the same way with the one disadvantage of the electric aromatherapy oil burner having to remain in closer proximity to an electric outlet.

A safety advantage of an electric aromatherapy oil burner is that it has no open flame and as such, can left in use throughout the night to help keep your room refreshed in the scent of your choice. Another type of almost-electric aromatherapy oil burner is a ceramic circle with a trough running around in which sits on top of just about any size light bulb. The drops of oil are placed in the trough and as the light bulb heats the ceramic, the scent is delivered throughout the room.

There is now a plug-in type aromatherapy oil burner, which operates similarly to other scented plug-ins, except most with changeable pad pre-treated with scented essential oils of your choice. Once a new pad is put in and it is plugged into an outlet, it is claimed the room will begin to smell the effects in about five minutes and it will fill a 500 square foot room for about three hours.

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